SDW100 2022: Race Report

aka the one that was Fucking Glorious Some you win, some you lose. OK so clearly I was nowhere near actually winning this one, but what I mean is that when it comes to 100s, some are a struggle, some are a proper shitshow, most are a mix of everything, but this one was 97%Continue reading “SDW100 2022: Race Report”

Thames Path 100 – A Race Report

8 May 2021 For the uninitiated, the Centurion Thames Path 100 is a 100 mile footrace along the Thames, from Richmond in London, to Oxford. The route follows the Thames for the vast majority of the course, with a few minor diversions away from the river. This also means it’s flat, very flat. Not entirelyContinue reading “Thames Path 100 – A Race Report”

My 2020 Race Season Review

(well, that didn’t go quite as planned, did it?) In January 2020, the race calendar for the year ahead was looking great. The 50 Slam of Centurion events, with a few others thrown in. A good number of races, spread over a good number of months. I was looking forward to running some events I’dContinue reading “My 2020 Race Season Review”

SDW50 2020 Race Report

As I walked the sort distance from the car park to the seafront Travelodge the afternoon before the race, I could hardly move forwards, so strong was the wind, and it was forecast to get worse throughout the evening. Not the most encouraging of afternoons, considering the following day was to be spent mainly onContinue reading “SDW50 2020 Race Report”

NDW100 2020 – A Race Report

It’s not supposed to be easy, but should it be this fucking hard? It was dark, somewhere around 11pm on a Saturday night, still hot, clammy. I was retching by the side of the M2. A sign on the fence separating me from the Medway estuary advised me the Samaritans were able to help, andContinue reading “NDW100 2020 – A Race Report”

Robin Hood 100 – a Race Report

OK, so I ran this race about 10 months ago (Sept 2019), so the race report is just a tad overdue, but I want to put something out there as this is such a great race, that deserves to better known, and if this helps just one person push the ‘enter now’ button, I’ll beContinue reading “Robin Hood 100 – a Race Report”

It’s on!! NDW100

After long months of lockdown and numerous race cancellations, it appears that the North Downs 100 is actually going to happen in just a few short weeks. The organisers Centurion have done an excellent job in keeping everyone updated (showing themselves to be better organised and better communicators than the UK government), and with aContinue reading “It’s on!! NDW100”

Wendover Woods 50 – Race Report

Race Report A Saturday morning in mid-November. It’s barely above freezing. Rain has been falling persistently for the last few days. The course is a hilly 10 mile loop through Wendover Woods, just outside Aylesbury. We run this loop 5 times, with a 15 hour cut off. This is a 50 mile ultra-marathon, put onContinue reading “Wendover Woods 50 – Race Report”