Running what?

A moment of clarity.

I’ve had a few of those. The latest one was when I understood that I’ve morphed from a recreational runner, into a massive, full blown, beyond hope, running wanker. No longer is a quick jog by the river sufficient, no, I’m deep into this shit now. I own more pairs of shoes than my wife. I have 4 (fucking 4?) waterproof running jackets. Mileage is tracked via Garmin. I’ve taken to running multiple races per year, touring the Travelodges of the land. I listen to running podcasts, I read running blogs. And actually I find these really useful, and I which there were more race reports etc out there, so I thought I’d add to this in the hope that 1 or 2 other obsessives, or maybe the ultra-curious, out there may find it useful.

So this is a place for race reports, gear reviews, and vague musings about running. I’m sure virtually no one will read it. But if even just a handful of people find something of use here, that may help them prep for a race they’re planning, enter one that they’re considering, or get out the door for just one mile, then it’s just fine with me

More ramblings to follow soon….

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